Custom PHP Training?

A Tailor-made Training for Your Team

Do you prefer a tailor-made training related to PHP development for your developers? Together we can assemble a training for your needs!

You can cherry-pick modules from our proposed modules list, or alternatively we can work out a course on custom subject you would like to explore.


  • Target audience: PHP developer teams


  • Location: Aarschot, Ghent or your offices (Belgium)
  • Max participants: 12

Our Terms and Conditions for Training apply.

You can pick modules from our other courses and combine them with some of the extra modules in the list below. Even if you are interested in just one module, this is perfectly possible.

Setting up a PHP Development Environment with VirtualBox and Vagrant

Many web developers have a webserver with PHP running on their local machine, but these kind of setups are not very flexible, may differ from one developer to another in the same team, and often do not correspond to the environment on the production server. In this short introduction to Vagrant, we’ll be looking at an alternative to setting up unified development environments for your team.

Getting Started with Varnish for PHP Developers

Varnish is a cutting-edge HTTP accelerator. In this module we will be looking into how we can speed up our PHP applications with Varnish.

Building a Scalable Search Engine

While it is possible to search your database with SQL queries, these solutions do not scale very well when we have a lot of data that needs to be searched, or even when not all data comes from our database. We will investigate how technologies like Solr and Elastic Search can solve these issues, and how to use them in our PHP applications.

PHP Web Services

Want to expose part of your system to the outside world? This course gets you started with REST, HATEOAS, SOAP and other RPC-style solutions.

PHP Performance Scaling

If you want to prepare your application for success and a large audience, you will need to take this into account when designing your solution. During this course, we give you an overview of techniques that allow your application to scale while still being performant.

Getting Started with Node.js

Want to get your hands dirty with Node.js and feel the power of this interesting piece of technology? Thanks to this module you will be able to take your first steps with server-side Javascript and learn how to push data to the browser with websockets.

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